Monday, 30 July 2007

Market and wedding

Saturday july twenty something

This is going to be a big day. Firstly we have to go to the market. We have to do this as the market is 800 years old. This means that the event is older than any of the buildings. The buildings are old. Getting me to report on the market is like getting Janice to report on a rugby match. You wont learn much. The result however was that we won. I scored a new hat and Janice must have bought something reqlly nice that I commented appropriately upon at the time - then forgot.

The wedding was a different matter altogether. First, at 3 pm, there was a service in the Town Hall. This was a busy place as there was a wedding before that of Caroline and Bruno and one after. Legal requirements met the whole party walked to the church (300 yards with a small girl carrying Caroline's train all the way. The service was very relaxed by NZ anglican church standards (it was an RC church)but none the less impressive. A choir which included Christine, Caroline,s mother, sang beautifully unaccompanied. It was perfect. A joy to hear.

The next step was the reception which was held in a huge, old hall set in beautiful grounds. This was a sort of afternoon tea for everyone. Very nice too. After a couple or three hours about 150 of us moved on to the dinner and dance. This was a 5 course meal interspursed with bouts of dancing and was really great but impossible to describe in the time I have - more when we return. We returned to the hotel sometime after 2am

Ok more later


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