Saturday, 7 July 2007

Onward to Vancouver

Another picture for Aimee - this one is taken on Stephen and Barb's stone wall that was mentioned in a previous post. You can see Stephen's truck in the background. This was taken just as we were saying goodbye to Barb, and leaving for the trip to Vancouver.


Chris and Sarah said...

Aimee loved this picture, she wants us to take it out of the computer and put it on the wall in her bedroom. She also says she misses you and loves you and wishes you could come to our place on your holiday. She said that she wishes she could be on holiday with you.

Chris and Sarah said...

Jess is asleep - but will show her the photos later - Aimee pointed out that in the picture of you guys in the pub it was the wrong pub... i.e. not the Rutland