Sunday, 22 July 2007

Fwd: Hamburg in the rain

Still Sunday

Had a wonderful morning shopping this am. Janice and i walked around
the shops of Hamburg but they were all closed....and then it began to
rain and as the shops have no verandahs we took shelter in the cafes
and restaurants. Best mornings shopping I've ever had! Walked to St
Michael's Church and bought a ride to the top to see the view. Had a
fantastic view of the fog. Still not had a hamburger in Hamburg. The
only ones on offer are Burger King and McDonalds.

from Janice: but we had a lovely syrian lunch and played a couple of
games of crib while we dried out. Then we came back to the internet
cafe at the Central Rail Station where we blogged from this morning,
its nice and warm and only €2.00 per hour to surf. So we are spending
this wet sunday doing much what we would be at home, sitting side by
side on two computers and tutu-ing on the internet.


kind regards
Janice Dowdeswell

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