Saturday, 28 July 2007


Thursday 26th july:
You will have heard news of the bad weather in England. We were fortunate to stay dry whilst looking at the trials at Wisley. Obviously we would not get wet at Heathrow as it is under cover. This was the only good thing about Heathrow. Arrival in Lyon was wonderful being hot and sunny and our bags arrived on the carousel promptly - and soaking wet; thoroughly drenched. There had been a downpour at Heathrow and while our baggage was waiting on the tarmac for the late arrival of our flight it had obviously been too wet for anyone to venture out and either cover it up or drive it to shelter. Fortunately the quilt whiwch is the wedding present for Caroline and Bruno, although soaked, didn't run and is now almost dry. LIkewise, most of the pages in the new books that we are carrying are not sticking together.
Caroline and her mother, Christine met us at the airport and drove us to their home, and our B&B iin Montbrisson.

Friday 27th july
A glorious day. Hot, clear blue skies and lots of shopping and sight-seeing. Caroline has lent us her car and as of Saturday morning it remains unscathed. Its actually very easy to drive on the wrong side of the road (typing with a french keyboard is not - jd) most of the time. The day ended with a bbq for both families involved in the wedding. We are being very well treated and thoroughly enjoying it.

Saturday 28th july
Wedding Day, but first we have to go to town and participate in Market Day. This has been held every Saturday for over 800 years. I hope the buns aren't stale.


Helen said...

I am SO glad the quilt is okay. I didn't get out to the studio today to look at the lighting. The day has been wet and cold and I have spent most of it in bed with a book. I think I am coming down with a cold! I'll try to get out tomorrow after school. I guess you are back soon!? How was the market? How wonderful to go to something that has been happening for 800 years.

Anonymous said...

I hope you got some compensation from the airline. :)


Supermom said...


I found your blog via a fellow quilter. Just wanted to let you know of a mini-quilt swap I am hosting. We'd love to have you if you are interested. The details are given at the blog link below. If it happens that you are not interested, I'd still appreciate if you could spread the word in the event some of your blog's readers might like to participate. Thanks!