Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Its practically finished!

Exercise space and tv room
Flower Garden
Front porch with Hopscotch!
My new chair - 39th wedding anniversary present from Terry

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A 60th Birthday Quilt

You may remember Terry had a 60th birthday some months ago. At the party I had some cream and blue fabric rectangles (bricks) prepared with freeezer paper backing and a pile of fabric crayons and fabric felt tip pens. I asked guests and family members to draw on the fabric bricks which many did - some did more than one. Over the past few weeks when I have managed to escape to my sewing room (since it became a sewing room again and not temporary living quarters) I've sewn the bricks together into a wall with scrappy brown and fawn fabric brick pointing.

I printed the party invitations on fabric and cut them up to make every second block on the top and bottom rows.I also started to sew a diamond border but I've got bored with that (no surprise to those who know me and my piecing skills) and the other two borders might just be squares.

My niece gave me the fawn, brown and blue fabric for a Christmas present in 2007 and said that it was to be a quilt for Terry. So it will.

I'm looking for input from you - should I persevere with the diamonds or will the squares look ok?

Monday, 16 February 2009

Row by Row finished and in its new home

I don't think I ever showed you pictures of the finished Row by Row. Here it is, in the place it was designed for. The club members who each did a row of this quilt were asked to use a particular picture that I gave them for inspiration for colours and subject. I used the same picture for the colour scheme for our new rooms. And the size of the quilt was decided by the size of this wall space.
You can see in the corner of the room, a preview of the tiles that are being laid today. We laid some of them out last night to see if we still liked them. We did, good job. 
Here is another view out of the new folding doors with Teacup sitting there hopefully:
And another view of the splashback - now with shelves in use:
And upstairs in the new office the floor has been plastered in preparation for industrial vinyl to be laid on Thursday - which means we can move in this weekend - wow, at long last! You can see in the far corner where my desk will be I have used some of these to put up photos of my grandchildren and their parents. On the red wall at the entrance to the office I have photos of my niece and her children.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Friday, 6 February 2009

The painters did come

but not on the 12th, they arrived on the 29th and we now have colour on the walls upstairs:

and the glass man arrived too so we now have a glass splashback in the kitchen! The photo behind the splashback is one Terry took at the Bason Botanic Gardens.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

We went to a wedding

We went to a wedding on Saturday. A garden wedding and I knew it would be hot because Terry knows the weather god and Judith had asked him to use his influence and make sure it would be a lovely day for her daughter's wedding. And therefore I knew I would need to wear a hat to the wedding. Not many people did but as I have fair skin and I can't wear sunblock because it makes me go funny I had to have a hat. 
I chose my outfit for the wedding, a black and turquiose and hot pink skirt I had bought recently, a new black top and relatively new black shoes. I would just need to buy a hat, black, turquoise or pink, plenty of choice! 
But I found out that a new hat would cost more than a new outfit and I would get a lot more wear out of a new outfit. I already had this caramel hat and matching shoes that I bought for my daughter's wedding 15 years ago and had only worn that once. So I bought another outfit to match the hat. :-)
It was a great wedding!