Sunday, 1 February 2009

We went to a wedding

We went to a wedding on Saturday. A garden wedding and I knew it would be hot because Terry knows the weather god and Judith had asked him to use his influence and make sure it would be a lovely day for her daughter's wedding. And therefore I knew I would need to wear a hat to the wedding. Not many people did but as I have fair skin and I can't wear sunblock because it makes me go funny I had to have a hat. 
I chose my outfit for the wedding, a black and turquiose and hot pink skirt I had bought recently, a new black top and relatively new black shoes. I would just need to buy a hat, black, turquoise or pink, plenty of choice! 
But I found out that a new hat would cost more than a new outfit and I would get a lot more wear out of a new outfit. I already had this caramel hat and matching shoes that I bought for my daughter's wedding 15 years ago and had only worn that once. So I bought another outfit to match the hat. :-)
It was a great wedding!


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Just goes to show that true classics never go out of style - no one would ever guess your hat was 15 years old!!! I "think" sun and turn red, so I completely understand the hat being a must!
Cheers! Evelyn

miniaturequilter said...

Very pretty skirt, and everything matches quite nicely!
I am slightly envious of that kitchen and all those windows and french patio doors, bet you love all that light comming in!

Janice said...

Hi Lisa - yes, we love the new room for its open-ness - like being outdoors but not as windy!