Friday, 6 February 2009

The painters did come

but not on the 12th, they arrived on the 29th and we now have colour on the walls upstairs:

and the glass man arrived too so we now have a glass splashback in the kitchen! The photo behind the splashback is one Terry took at the Bason Botanic Gardens.


Ali Honey said...

Your modern upstairs colours look great!

I have never seen a photo behind the glass splashback in the kitchen. Wow! I have found the glass behind the stove top is so easy to clean...on yours you probably won't even see any slashes.
I guess you are thrilled to eventually get it all completed.
( your wedding outfit looks lovely! )

Janice said...

Thanks Ali. Just some painting downstairs and then the flooring to go. And tomorrow we get shelves in the kitchen now that the splashback is up. another month or so and we should be finished...

the photo was laminated to the back of the glass. i wanted it because there is no window in the kitchen and that gives me an outlook!