Sunday, 10 January 2010

Little by Little

Some more before and after pics of progress - which is slow because we have a guest living in the sewing room at the moment and I can only get in there when she is away tramping for a couple of days.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

More on the Rooster

Back in March last year, before normal life was interupted, I started a new project. This may refresh your memory if you don't want to follow the links to my earlier posts:


I continued for a few more weeks but have done nothing on it since May 2009. I found other more urgent work to do when I had time for sewing.

However, now it is the urgent project as we have had word from France that the paintings for the doors are finished and the doors won't take very long to make. Aren't they fabulous?

 So I had better fulfill my part of the bargain and finish the quilt! Today I spent a couple of hours working on the tail feathers of the rooster. You can see a before and after comparison above.