Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A 60th Birthday Quilt

You may remember Terry had a 60th birthday some months ago. At the party I had some cream and blue fabric rectangles (bricks) prepared with freeezer paper backing and a pile of fabric crayons and fabric felt tip pens. I asked guests and family members to draw on the fabric bricks which many did - some did more than one. Over the past few weeks when I have managed to escape to my sewing room (since it became a sewing room again and not temporary living quarters) I've sewn the bricks together into a wall with scrappy brown and fawn fabric brick pointing.

I printed the party invitations on fabric and cut them up to make every second block on the top and bottom rows.I also started to sew a diamond border but I've got bored with that (no surprise to those who know me and my piecing skills) and the other two borders might just be squares.

My niece gave me the fawn, brown and blue fabric for a Christmas present in 2007 and said that it was to be a quilt for Terry. So it will.

I'm looking for input from you - should I persevere with the diamonds or will the squares look ok?


Rashida said...

Hi Janice,

What a terrific idea. It is well worth the effort. I think you should persist with the diamonds as that makes it complete.

all the best

Anonymous said...

I really like the diamond border, but the squares actually look great as the border! I'd ask Terry what he thinks (unless it is a surprise)

Ali Honey said...

More dsiamonds I think. What a lovely idea!

Nellie's Needles said...

I think the combination of squares and diamonds works.

Lynnette said...

I think the diamonds look good. Like Nellie I think the combination of both diamonds & squares works. I like the border.

Janice said...

Thank you all! two for diamonds, two for the combination and one for either all squares or all diamonds. I wonder what I will do when I get back out to the sewing room?

I think the dark squares have enough weight to balance the diamonds but looking at the photograph, they need a bit of a lift, something to sparkle. I might slip a few slivers of red or gold or something in between a few of the squares.

Shasta said...

It is a beautiful quilt. I like the squares, maybe you can alternate them with the lighter colors you used in the diamonds to balance them out a bit.

Helen said...

Hi Janice

Well, now you have no excuse for not getting on and finishing this wonderful piece:-) Juki, the fab quilting machine with plenty of room for turning a large quilt under it, has finally returned home to you after a long holiday at my place. Thank you, Friend!

Yes, I think some lighter squares will work well.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

You won't be sorry for the extra effort of the diamonds - they are a really nice frame for your great quilt! Cheers! Evelyn