Thursday, 3 July 2008

Little by Little

I've spent a little time in the sewing room - just enough to put the borders on the Row by Row - and only that because its club day tomorrow and I want to take soemthing for Show and Tell. The first pic is my computer generated idea of the outer borders I would put on the centre rows, the second pic is the actual finished top. Not a finished quilt yet, still to be layered, pinned, quilted and bound.

So what have I been doing if I haven't been in the sewing room? Mostly office work.

Last week we sent out 400 plant list brochures to people who had bought plants or seeds from us in the past two years. I laid out the plant list pages including photographs on my computer and sent it as a pdf file to our friendly local printer. We then folded all 400 and put them in prepaid envelopes and posted them. I also spent a few days putting the plant list on our website here. And there were a couple of advertisements to design for garden publications.

I spent some time researching and found a free desktop publishing programme for Terry to use in his new (reprised) role as bulletin editor for his Rotary Club. He is hoping to encourage other members to take over the job and if we can present them with a free desktop publishing programme and a template for the newsletter already laid up in the programme then it will be easier for them to learn this skill.

I found an free email checker which checks all three of my email addresses (don't ask) and pops up the subject line of anything new. I need this because Terry and I share an inbox. We both need to have access to the business email, and if he has Thunderbird (our email programme) open I can't access it so I don't know if an email I'm waiting for has arrived or not.This way I do.

I've been hanging out washing on my new clothesline! Its fabulous, its in the best place in the garden, down by the cherry tree. It gets lots of wind and sun and its huge! And you can see the washing from the kitchen window so you don't forget its out there and leave it too late until its all cold and damp again.


Helen said...

the row-by-row looks fabulous!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Nothing like an upcoming show & tell to kick start you into action... your row-by-row is great!!! Good luck with your new computer stuff... I really TRY to learn new things but gosh, the day always seems to get away from me.