Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Magic of Stitch

Our quilt club meets monthly and in the morning of each meeting day we hold mini tutorials. Each month one member demonstrates a skill or technique that may be new to other members. For instance, drawing up a grid to sew 30 half square triangles all at once, or using a paper foundation to make a mariner's compass.

A few weeks ago I demonstrated how to use your sewing machine to scribble on your work. This piece on the right was my demonstration piece. I had found a piece of clip art (below) which I used as a pattern because it shows where the shading should be on the finished pot. I took a fused, raw edge appliqued picture like the one on the left along to club and I showed the gathered club members how I used coloured pencils to draw my shading on the fabric and then just coloured over my pencil marks with free motion embroidery stitching on the machine, swapping threads as necessary to add life and detail to your fabric picture.

Eventually, the two sample pieces will be finished with borders, quilted and added to my growing collection of A3 sized quilts.


Helen said...

I am so impressed with the difference the stitching makes. You make it look so easy.

EGE said...

I know I don't comment very often, but I want you to know that I read every post, and that I am perpetually impressed. I can't believe such things are possible, let alone that you actually do them on a regular basis.

You rock, Nana!