Thursday, 5 June 2008

Row by Row Progress

Now that the blockage has cleared in the sewing room I am working on the Row by Row that the ladies at the quilt club collaborated on. Here is the last progress I made on it, laying it out with some joining rows. And this tells the story of how it was made.

I've now joined it all together and I've taken a very poor photo with my phone camera so that I can play with borders in EQ6. Here it is without borders and underneath there is also a picture of suggested borders taken from the quilting programme. What do you think? worth going ahead with or shall I play a bit more? the fabrics I've used in the borders are fabrics from the programme and are just suggestions of colours, I'll choose fabrics close to those colours from my stash.

Mm, the more I look at it the more I think that instead of the extra 1" dark strip at the top (necessary to bring the measurements to the right length for the strips of 3" squares) I'll use a similar strip of turquoise at the bottom to bring some of the luminous light it there and 'bring home' the turquoise in the borders.


Marit said...

I am so impressed with what you did in EQ6! (Since I have got that too, and its not that easy to use if you ask me.)
Your quilt is lovely, and I really think using turquoise is a good choice. For the border a little suggestion, how about some rail blocks, every other turned vertical and horisontal? Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

I like the solid color border the whole way around, is there a reason you can't used that pieced border the whole way around too? I love the orange and turqoise in your quilt! Looks great as is too!

Janice said...

Thanks Marit and Lisa. I was thinking rail blocks might look a little too fussy with the busy centre unless they were made with plainish fabric and I don't have much of that. Besides, I'm ready to finish it now and 3" squares will go faster... And I didn't want to put the 3" block border on the top and bottom because its already 5' long which is just right to top a bed. If I make it 5'6" then its too long to top it without creeping up on the pillow or off the end but too short and too narrow to cover the bed entirely. And I really don't want to make it big enough to do that!

Marit said...

I think you have the best idea with the 3" squares. I completly missed the size of your quilt. Good luck with completing it, and please show us your finished quilt.