Sunday, 2 March 2008

Row by Row Quilt

Over the last 6 or 7 months I've been participating in a Row by Row Exchange. We each sewed a row 8" x 48" and then passed it on. We each sewed five more rows for five more participants and we didn't see our own quilt again until all the rows were displayed at Cotton-On Quilter's club day last Saturday. Here is what I got back:
The rows in this pic are not in the order they will be in the final quilt.

But isn't it fabulous? I really love all the rows - they are all so different and all so perfect but I have to admit, Amy's row (second from the bottom) impresses me the most. Its all PIECED! And I also love the fact that her blocks are not all the same size. Perfect for putting you a little off kilter which I love to do in my quilts.

I'm already working on some sashing strips for it. One of the sashing strips is going to echo Veronica's (third from top) lovely row of appliqued wildflowers and leaves and I will work in some more of the turquoise that Rae has introduced (her row is immediately below Veronica's). Susan made the log cabin framed sunflowers which bring in the deep orange and some necessary dark green and Annette tied the whole thing together by repeating my original flower blocks but cleverly placed them in a different spot in their row.

If you look back here you can see the picture I included with my first row (the top row in this photo) for colour inspiration for participants and the colours I got back are just perfect, don't you think?

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gwensmom said...

Wow these are gorgeous! they will make a stunning quilt.