Saturday, 15 March 2008

Two into one goes very nicely - twice!

Late last winter I bought four 100% cotton long-sleeved T-shirts in the Postie Plus sale. After a few washes they had gone wide and short as such shirts tend to do. (I know that if you buy cotton shirts mixed with 5-10% elastane they don't lose their shape nearly as much but they weren't in the sale.) And at the time the fashion was for barely hip length tops which only looked good when they were skin tight. So these shirts, now not skin tight and not even hip length didn't look so good when I tried them on last week when the weather was a bit cooler. I thought I would have to run a overlock down the side seams to take some of the width out of them. But the fashion for longer shirts is returning so I thought well, while I have them in the sewing room what about a remake? And look what I got - two lovely, long hip-hugging, hip (and backside) covering shirts with sleeve and neck detail. You've gotta love the current fashions for layering and for unfinished edges which makes this sort of remake very easy!


miniaturequilter said...

I love them, I'm tall so all my shirts seem short, wish someone would fix all my shirts!I've went to wearing my sons shirts (he has some from big and tall, and they are looong) The shirts you made look great!

Janice said...

thanks :) it was really quick and easy - took about 45 min per shirt. I used to do a lot of clothes sewing and when the kids were younger, I made heaps of t-shirts and sweatshirts. So remaking wasn't such a big deal. Even so, I reckon if you can make those fiddly little miniature quilt blocks of yours you could do this!