Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Another rethink

I've been trying to get started on the fours seasons swap quilt design that I posted a week ago. But it wasn't going to work, I wasn't enthusiastic about it. Now I never intended to do "proper" applique for all those flowers and leaves, I was thinking of cutting flower and leaf motifs out of fabric and sticking them on and then just machine quilting around the raw edges, but it was still not a project I was looking forward to. So I revisited this morning and decided it was all those tiny 2" flying geese that were daunting me. So here is my re-design (and fourth start at a spring mini)! And I feel some enthusiasm so I might actually get started on this one today!


miniaturequilter said...

I think it looks just as good this way, and the focus stays on your vase/flowers instead of drawing attention to the border. Plus its hard to start something you really don't like or want to do, so it's good you changed it!

Liberty Star Farm said...

Love the quilt your working on for the spring swap. Getting over the hump of working on something that doesn't make your hard sing can be so hard to get over. I need to get busy on my quilt for the swap! Thanks for sharing your progress.

Helen said...

What a sensible decision - even I wouldn't make all those 2" flying geese!!