Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Finishing a UFO

Do you remember a few weeks ago, I had some nice ladies come to visit my Swiftquilter? And I made a quick quilt to put on the frame so that we would have something to play with. Well, the quilt has sat on the frame ever since, with the quilting barely started but as long as the quilt was on the frame I couldn't use the sewing machine for anything else. And I wanted to use it as that Juki is *the best* at free motion quilting.

Yesterday, finally, I had the time, space and most especially, the will to finish quilting that quilt! I took the opportunity to pracise some McTavishing - which I haven't done before but I've got the book so I had a go and although its not exactly like hers the result is something I like. I alternated rows of my version of McTavishing with rows of vines and a couple of rows of feathers. Each row was different as I tried out different methods. I tried doing the vines and feathers with and without sewing a central stem first and I quilted the vines with and without sewing central veins on the vine leaves.

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Marit said...

Beautiful quilting. I would love to be able to quilt like this.