Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Boy's Sewing Day

Class was convened again in my sewing room today. We only had today as they leave early tomorrow morning so it was a full on day but we got them finished. Aren't they lovely? The boys did almost all the work themselves, tracing the pictures, tracing the separate parts onto Appli-kay Wonder, ironing the Appli-kay onto the fabric, cutting around the edge and placing the pieces on the background. They chose their fabrics, designed their borders and pressed everything down when it was all in place. We then layered the tops to batting and backing and the boys did all the quilting, wavy lines across and up and down the whole piece. I made and machine sewed on the binding and Hamish asked for help to sew the binding down on the back after hand sewing just a few inches but Nuwan persevered and hand sewed the entire binding down.

Mr Potato Head was made by Nadeeka for little Andrew who had to stay in Sydney with his father. (He is badly allergic to dogs so couldn't come to stay at our place where we have a dog in the house.) It was her first piece of appliqué too and she asked for help to sew around the edges of the pieces as she thought sewing lines across the whole top as the boys did wouldn't provide a secure enough finish for a 2 yr old. She did make the finished appliqué motif into a pillow case for Andrew as apparently his favourite thing to sleep with is the patchwork cushion I made the boys about 6 years ago. I think Nadeeka is hoping that Mr Potato Head will provide an alternative so the cushion can be washed!


gwensmom said...

Looks like your quilting genes have been passed down intact.

Nellie's Needles said...

Hurray! for the young quilt artists in your family. I'm looking forward to working with the young ones in mine this summer.

Janice said...

Yes, it is very rewarding. Our daughter Nadeeka, the boys mother, just sent this email to me:
nuwan wrote a beautiful essay about his trip to nz - it was ALL about how he made the quilt with you :-)