Thursday, 10 April 2008

Quick Quilt

Tomorrow is the Quilt Show! But before I can go and see who has won the challenges, I have some visitors coming to see the SwiftQuilter in action. And I had no quilt to load up to show them so I made a quickie top today. And as I have only washed my red, orange and yellow fabric, I had to make a red orange and yellow quilt. I think it looks like a boy's quilt, don't you? I wonder which little boy I can give it to when its finished. It took a couple of hours from pulling the fabric to finishing the border (well, I had to iron all the fabric I used) but I'm very happy to report that I only had a very mild allergic reaction to my sewing room today. Using washed fabric and having most of the (unwashed) fabric now shut away in bins and the cupboard AND my filter working away in the corner has made the sewing room a much more pleasant place to be. Of course, its all tidy and dusted at the moment because of the visitors coming so that will help too.

And look what I've got in my laundry - 24 boxes of dye catchers! My daughter Sarah found a bulk source of them for me and they arrived in the mail yesterday. So I'm working my way through washing all the fabric, pile by pile. I'm about 1/5 of the way through now. The cute wee squash sitting on top were in my organic fruit & vege box a couple of weeks ago. I love getting the box each week and seeing what surprises I have!


Helen said...

24 boxes!?? Yikes, how long will they last? That was a quick sneaky quilt I didn't know about.

Helen said...

PS: great border fabric