Saturday, 5 April 2008

Man, those dye catchers are great!

I've had a lot of comment from people who also suffer from the chemicals in new fabric. Lisa suggested a room air filter, Nancy suggested a fan and also said you have to wash fabric with hot water and detergent, not just soak it. Nellie and Catherine said why iron it? Fold it and wait until you need it before ironing it because you need to iron before you cut it anyway. So I've bought an air purifier for the sewing room which I am also using in the office for seed counting days. That should help lessen that allergy reaction too. And I've started washing all my fabric. I did a big batch of RED fabric this morning and used two dye catchers. Here they are after the wash. (For the people who don't know about dye catchers, these started out white!) There is no colour run on the fabric at all. I've got a load of purple fabric in now with another two dye catchers.

BUT I've only got 3 more left after that. Does anyone know where I can get more in New Zealand? I've only ever seen them in Countdown twice and that was once on the shelf and then again later in the remainder bin. I guess they didn't sell very well. I bought all i could at that point but I haven't seen them since and I've nearly used up all I have. This is what the box looks like - have you seen any around?


Nellie's Needles said...

Dye catchers are a wonderful thing. I only found out about them when a friend gave a box to my husband who had washed his whites with a pair of my red undies when I was ill. I've used them ever since. A box also gets included with any quilts that I gift. I've also found that they are effective for many more times than stated on the box.

emmad said...

Hmm try woolworths as am sure I've bought them from there.