Sunday, 8 July 2007

Hey, Jennifer!

What's all this encouraging Janice to do her patriotic duty by spending up large? She needs no encouragement at all. The other day she shopped for 7 straight hours and looked as fresh at the end as she had at the start. This is most daunting. Unfortunately I've pulled a calf muscle and am unable to keep up so there are absolutely no restraints. It's very difficult having to walk slowly when one is used to buzzing around and consequently my wallet is still full, except for the odd whisky or two. I'll have to complain to Peter at the Rutland too. The whiskys here are much larger - for the same price!

It's Anne Day today and we are hanging around waiting for taxi time. This email will double as a blog. That reminds me, thanks for the comment. No major ripples yet, except for the leg. I was walking up Iron Mountain with Stephen the other day, streaking ahead, taking photos, falling behind, streaking ahead... and that's about the time the muscle went - serve me right it will. Janice is having fun having to wait for me. Today will be something of a drag just waiting for the plane at half past one. We wake at 5 or so. Vancouver wakes at around 11 (not really). This is just a wonderful city to return to. There must be at least another 20 highrise condo buildings and hotels built since we were last here two years ago. It's a great place to walk around too (for those who can). The sights are tremendous as the fashion seems to be to try and make the cleavage meet the hemline while balancing on the sharpest, highest heels possible. Very interesting city Vancouver.


emmad said...

Sorry haven't posted before but first time on my pc for a week. Had a chest infection and just been logging onto the work laptop.

Sounds like you are having a great time.

We had a second placing saturday just gone with Ken (The horse that won in Wanganui).

Did you call Dad's mum during the weekend at all? She got a call late at night but didn't answer in time and was worried might have been you.

emmad said...

Mum a favour :)
Next time you are in a book store can you look for this trilogy. Might be in the young adults section
Author: Meredith Ann Pierce
Firebringer Trilogy:
The Birth of Firebringer
Dark Moon
Son of Summer Stars

Sounds like a series I should read :)