Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Well, so much has happened since we were able to make a proper post. I posted the picture of Grumps in Frankfurt from a kiosk in Hamburg airport that had a card reader attached. This has been the problem in getting photos posted, we didn't bring a card reader with us as we though most computers have them now but no, they don't. However, it was impossible to make the photos smaller so I only posted one instead of the series I originally planned, including one of the frankfurters terry ate in Franfurt - well you have to don't you? but we didn't eat hamburgers in hamburg as the only ones we saw were McD's and anyway, Georg said that hamburgers don't originate from Hamburg. So, yes, Terry had is hat in the photo but he lost it on the train between Frankfurt and Hamburg. You know about the wet day we spent in Hamburg, looking for the webcam and sightseeing. ok, to continue:

Sunday evening: Georg picked us up and took us to the village where he lives. the name escapes me at the moment but we do have it recorded somewhere. He had arranged a lovely B&B for us but first we had a fabulous meal with his family. Georg cooked pork fillets, porcini mushrooms which he and his brother had gathered locally and his swiss speciality, rosti. A gourmet feast. Little Tillo (4 yrs old) proudly showed us his baby mouse, and after the children were in bed we had a relaxing evening with Georg, Iris, Francois and Antoinette.

Monday: George took us to his company premises in Schwarmsted, a 30 min trip from his home.

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