Saturday, 7 July 2007

Mount Vernon

(Janice here - I've sent terry on an errand so i can have some time on MY blog): Well, it was hard to get much time to blog over the last couple of days... I spent a good deal of the time shopping, well, someone has to do it and terry and stephen had nurseries to visit so it was up to me. I spent Thursday morning at Mt Vernon shopping centre where there is a food co-op that sells a lot of health foods and I was able to get some good rice based snacks and some sulphur free wine. That afternoon Stephen took Terry and I to the La Conner Quilt Museum. What an interesting place, an old house with three floors of quilts, the lower one was antique quilts and the upper two were exhibits by two modern quilters. That night Skip, Jean, Willa and Stephanie came to dinner and we had a lovely evening - great conversation and great food.
And on Friday, while the boys gardened and slept, I did the local Outlet Mall - had a fabulous day buying shoes (sketcher sandals), quilt material and clothes (two shirts, one reebok hoodie, 2 pr jammies, undies). The boys called in at lunchtime, bought me lunch and left again as i hadn't finished. when I had finished they picked me up and took me to Joanns ( the local equivalent of spotlight) and they just happened tohave quilt tools on sale at half price - another big spend (purple fiskars snips and purple fiskars rotary cutter)! I have a picture of the fabric i've bought so far this trip - caution, drool alert! That night we all went with Stephen and Barb's friend Jean to a chinese restaurant for dinner where Terry was served with a full five fingers of scotch whiskey! he made no attempt to drink it all. We think that when he said no ice they were so used to filling the glass with ice in it they just went ahead and filled the glass without ice!
the first picture of the two of us is for Aimee who was worried that grumps was lonely when she saw a photo of him on his own. It was taken on Monday evening in Cottage Grove when we were looking around this lovely old town with Alice but this is the first chance we've had to upload pictures since then. The second 'quilty' picture next to my fabric stash is of the quilt shop in Sisters.

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Helen said...

I am so jealous that you got to Sisters! Yummy fabric. If you are going to be overweight (in the luggage department!) will you post some back? You could send it care of me. I will look after it very carefully and wash all the drool off of it :-)