Sunday, 22 July 2007


Sunday 22nd July

We've been trying to upload images to the blog for the past couple of weeks but can't find a suitable internet cafe with facilites to do that. So, sorry but no pics.

Yesterday's trip from Frankfurt by train was interesting from a scenic point of view and also the human perspective - people guarding empty seats and either not giving them up or making excuses to keep them empty. Meanwhile we shared one seat, not wanting to create WW3. Navigating the underground train system in Hamburg has proved easy despite having no german. We have all day tickets for the city for just €5.10 each. Today we have to stand in the pouring rain for 15 minutes while the webcam near city hall takes our picture for robert and jennifer back home in nz. You might see us there at 10.00 pm nz time Sunday night. Janice will be wearing a bright green rain jacket. Terry' jacket is the colour of the pavement but he does have white socks and white legs.

Our hotel last night was in a famous district of Hamburg so we were told. We found out what it was famous for when we arrived and stayed off the streets to avoid being propositioned. This was mostly successful and occasionally irritating.

We are now into business mode again and will meet with Georg from Jelitto Seeds this evening. OK, gotta go, got an appointment with the webcam.


Anonymous said...

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Helen said...

Darn! If only I had checked my bloglines last night. I could have seen those white legs!!