Saturday, 21 July 2007

More Frankfurt

Well Terry was still not feeling right so we gave away all thoughts of seeing any german growing operations and just hung around Franfurt for another couple of days. We took the city tour on a wet wet Thursday and found out that the best shopping and the most scenic 'old' buildings were all within easy walk of our very well placed hotel. 'Old' because they were all rebuilt after being bombed in World War 2 - but rebuilt to old original style. On Friday we walked to Palmengarten - well worth the journey and the entrance fee. A beautiful garden with palms, hot houses, dahlias, roses, etc. Would benefit from a few delphiniums we thought.

We've finally figured out that if you want dessert after your meal at a german restaurant, you need to order it with the main. We ate at a fish restaurant last night (I had your favourite Frances, whole lemon sole, beautiful!) and then waited for ten minutes or so, and decided we'd like some dessert because Terry has a mission to taste all the creme brulees he can find. We waited another 30 or 40 minutes (well, we played 2.5 games of crib) and when we finally decided we were not going to get any service by waiting, we called the waiter over and asked if we could have some dessert. He said no, the restaurant was closing in 15 min. So odd! if he'd come to the table to ask if I wanted more wine I would probably have said yes.

The hotel in Frankfurt was well balanced, the not so good bed was balanced by the fabulous breakfast which is part of the deal. But we decided to move on to Hamburg today, Saturday 21st July in the hope that the bed at the next hotel will be better. We took the fast train


Anonymous said...

Hi Janice and Terry,
It's Barb Murphy writing. Thank you for the Amish Quilt packet. It's beautiful and I promise you I will attemp to make it! Hopefully, this will finally get me started quilting. I've been talking about wanting to quilt for years.
Stephen and I took two of our grandsons to Yellowstone. We left on Saturday, the 14th of July and got home the night of the 19th. Kain is 10 and Owen is 5 and they were such good boys! We toured the park,saw lotsof animals, went to the play Footloose, went to museums, went to the imax theater....Our last stop was Salmon Idaho, home of Sacajewea and the kids got to make Indian rattles out of deer hooves. Stephen and I are following along with you on your journeys.....It sounds like things are going well....except for Terry not feeling well in Germany.
talk to you soon, Thanks again! Barb

Janice said...

Hi Barb

Terry here. Thanks for sending the battery charger. we received it the day before leaving Dawson Creek. Now if you could just find my hat (left on the Frankfurt-Hamburg train) and post it, that would be most appreciated. Thanks again for a lovely stay. We are looking forward to treating you to a New Zealand holiday in return.