Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Dawson Creek

Okay, the first mission is accomplished, and we landed at Fort St John to meet a happy smiling Anne. The weather at Fort St John was cool but we convinced Anne that we were dragging the warm weather up behind us and by late afternoon it was balmy again. the next really exicitng bit was driving south passed Taylor and up South Taylor Hill. I'd been monitoring conditions on south Taylor Hill for several months via webcam so knew there was no snow left,knew the camera was facing north and positioned on a high pole just south of a road sign and bingo there it was. We all waved. Back at her place we found Anne had reserved the bridal suite for us again with a new feather mattress. Anne cooked us a nice steak and we all blobbed out until bed time.

Monday 9th July: We worked hard at frittering away this day, visiting Dawson Creek for the inevitable shopping (camera cord for Terry's camera - jd) and saved ourselves for an evening bbq with Anita, Jack and familhy out in the country. Anita has a beautiful garden and Jack has lots of hay. The beautiful garden was being photographed by a famous US photographer who also photographed Anne's garden the following morning and is hoping to sell an article to the gardening magazines about two crazy women and their New Zealand connection. He also threatened to come to New Zealand for a delphinium story.

Tuesday 10th July: This day was put aside for a "serious shopping day". Anne has been letting me drive her car provided the road is straight and there is not much traffic. She is a very good passenger and didn't turn pale when I managed to get the car at right angles to the road directly in the path of a rather large black articulated truck and trailer. Drivers in Canada are very careful and courteous. I am grateful for this. I'm going to leave Janice to tell you about the shopping for a while and pick Anne up.

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