Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Janice's Account

Well!! that was "Dawson Creek Ripple No 1" and a bit scary at the time but no harm done once he'd figured out reverse in the automatic car and got out of the road. He didn't say that right angles to the road was also tettering on the edge of a fair drop...

Shopping in Grand Praire is challenging. All the large stores are widely separated and you must drive a distance between each one. We were looking for clothes to wear to Caroline's wedding. I finally found a great, silky, many gored skirt - each panel a different fabric as befits a quilter. In orange, brown, red, sage, cream, khaki. I also got two silky singlets, one in red and one in khaki and a white jacket and white belt. I still need shoes and bag and jewellry. Terry didn't get anything that he wanted but intends to try again in Frankfurt.

Home to a lovely salmon dinner and some pinot gris. Anne has got three bottles of pinot gris in for us and the first one is gone.

Wednesday 11th July

Dawson Creek Ripple No 2: Anne has an espresso machine, well she HAD an expresso machine. Its different to any I've used before and it doesn't have an instruction manual, well, not that I've seen. I managed to explode it this morning - glass and coffee grounds spread over vast distances and as the house water tank was empty we were unable to clean it up with anything more than paper towels. So Anne says, well, I've never liked it, I'll be able to buy a new one now without feeling guilty!

Dawson Creek Ripple No 3: When Terry parked Anne's car last night in the garage he parked at a slightly different angle than Anne habitually parks. When Anne backed out this morning she turned the wheel as she normally does and backed straight into the side of the garage. We are still debating whose responsibility that one is - I think its probably one all and therefore we are all even - so need never mention any of these little ripples again - ok Robert?


Helen said...

Well, I guess the ripples will eventually peter out! At least I hope so. Glad to hear you are still in one piece (each). Haven't been out to do any quilting (hmmmmm....) But I have been working on my elemental challenge. I should get it finished this weekend and get it posted on Monday. Nothing like meeting a deadline! It is nothing great and I don't expect to win anything. Off to school now to do some prep. Going to the opening of the Marton quilt show tonight.


janice said...

Ooh! i hope you get a photo of it on your blog before its sent. It sounded like a great idea and probably more 'bleeding edge' than mine, I'm looking forward to seeing it.

EGE said...

"So Anne says, well, I've never liked it, I'll be able to buy a new one now without feeling guilty!"

This Anne sounds like a living doll!

janice said...

she is eggie, she is. She took us to Grande Praire today - that's a 1.5 hr trip each way if you don't count roadworks hold-ups which make it 2 hrs each way - but the car is air conditioned and so are the shops and its hot here in Dawson Creek - about 35 deg when we got home. Terry said he'd like to buy her a new coffee machine and even managed to get her to go to the appliance section in Sears with him, but she refused to let him buy it as she "wants to research it first". Bu which time we will be long gone I bet.