Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Home and back to work

Well, we sort of left you in the middle of the wedding - it was so difficult to get internet access without our own computer. We won't go without one again. We didn't take the laptop because it is so heavy to carry around and so big to find somewhere safe to leave it - but most of the hotels had free broadband access for your own computer but charged heaps to use their computer. The didn't have card readers or available usb ports either which is what made it so difficult to upload photos. And in France and Germany the keyboards are different which made typing very slow - all of these added to our frustrations with keeping the blog going. However, we are home now - so some photos of the wedding: Terry the photographer; Terry and Caroline's Dad, Roger; Caroline and Bruno after the church service with bubbles blown by the children; Janice at the wedding; Janice, Caroline and Caroline's mum, Christine, shopping in Lyon.


Helen said...

Caroline makes a beautiful bride. I love her dress. It is so nice to see a dress with some shoulder cover. See you soon!

Gretchen said...

Those are great photos.

I lug my laptop everywhere. I've even taken it out camping. :)

Janice said...

Thanks Gretchen - we won't go without a laptop again but we might get a smaller, lighter one for the next trip - the one we have is very heavy to carry around.

Anonymous said...

Hello Janice/Terry
Annette here, Hadn't been to your Dowdeswell's site for a while and was surprised of the changes and in particular your blogs both you and Terry have. I was so enthralled in reading it all in one nite till the wee hours of the morning. Good to hear you managed to get another trip in, to several parts of the world again.
You and Terry both look great and sorry to hear your not feeling so well at the end of it...Hope all is good now!
Please take note and say hello to Anne for me (such a sweet lady)...and I see that Robert and Jennifer have posted as well, hello to them as well.
I admire your lifestyle and stamina: work, quilt, play. friends/family and travel.
Funny reading Jennifers comments..reading them reminded me of her great personality and sense of humor she has and was great to have met her.
Well enough said for now!! Hope alls well in your camp Carpe Diem
PS: I laughed so hard reading about the fireworks display for Terry (cute one)

Janice said...

Hi Annette - I hope you see this, I would have emailed you but couldn't find your address. Nice to hear from you! Have you got your dream garden/nursery up and running yet? I forwarded your comment to Jennifer and she is tickled that you remember her so fondly. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes found your reply no problem..now that I know your blog I'll check in every so often. I will send you my email on your Dowdeswell site so I can be on your list again.
No I've not got a Nursery established..LOL, doing the same old same old with my home base Order Entry/Customer Service representative. My "dreams" have expanded from having a Nursery still but owning a Heritage Home perhaps B&B with tons of Alpacas. I've been to few Alpaca Farms and just totally in love with these critters..volunteered back in May to help out on shearing day of 34 alpacas...and of course searching NZ for Farm Stays with Alpacas LOL!!
Enough said for now, have to work soon to earn some money for those Alpacas!!