Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Stuff from Abroad

I brought lots of 'stuff' home from our trip - here is the quilt related stuff. I showed most of it to Frances and Helen when they came to lunch on Saturday but I forgot to show them the Fons and Porter Half and Quarter Triangle Ruler. Which is a pity because I'm sure they can explain how to use it, its a mystery to me.

I love using the little purple Fiskars snips - they are very sharp and excellent for cutting out shapes that have been vlisofixed (wonder-undered).

And yes, I know the sewing maching fixit set is PINK and that I don't like it but there was no choice, it was pink or nothing, because we are women, right? so our tools HAVE to be pink...

1 comment:

Helen said...

Well, at least it is not that "#@*&%$" doll pink. It is darker than that. Can you bring the rulers to club on Saturday, I'd love to have a look at them. They have diagrams in the magazines showing how to use them. I'll hunt some out.