Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Look what I got today

My stash of hand-dyed fabric was running a bit low so I found my favourite supplier and ordered a few (36 actually) fat quarters - total cost $77 including postage - not bad for 8 metres of pre-washed hand dyes. I've never had any dye run from Shelley's fabrics and they are excellent quality. They come tied with string and wrapped in cellophane which is a Very Good Thing because when you are opening the package at the table while drinking coffee and you drop the opened package on your cup of coffee and the coffee splashes on the contents of the parcel - you can just WIPE IT OFF the cellophane!

I also like them because the darker ones have some mottling which makes for interesting patches in the quilts. I have always used them for the skin of people in my quilts: see here and here and here


Chris and Sarah said...

oh darn - it looks like you ordered them to match the colours of the swap quilt before you changed the colour scheme...

great success with Jess's new cuddly by the way - tho not with the green one - it's obviously the colour that matters

Helen said...

Coffee drinking is a risky business - thank goodness for cellophane!