Thursday, 7 February 2008

Fairy Quilt All Finished!

I finished Aimee's Fairy Quilt last Saturday while I was at my Quilt Club, hand sewing the label and a little hand quilting in the sky around the fairy's head. I have to wrap it up this morning to take it to Wellington for Aimee's birthday party on Saturday. Here are the final photos:

The front of the quilt, the back of the quilt,

the centre picture, a close up of the quilted leaves and flowers in the centre and the label.

I said back in early December that I was nervous about quilting it on the frame because I wanted to do fancy quilting in the centre. And I was right to worry. I closely quilted the blocks around the centre panel on the swiftquilter and just did a little quilting in the centre. I then took the quilt off the frame and did the rest of the centre panel quilting on the normal sewing machine. It made the centre panel quilting very easy but the quilt was already stretched out of shape from the uneven quilting on the frame and it never recovered. Lesson learned! Next time I think I will pin the quilt and stitch around any key areas before floating it on the frame when I want to quilt part of the it off the frame.

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