Thursday, 14 February 2008

Another Challenge Quilt

Mmmm....., in my last post but one I was wondering if I could get Delph III finished AND Delph II finished in time to enter them in the show on the first Saturday in March. Well, there is no progress to report there BECAUSE I have started another quiltlet! There are three challenges classes we can enter in for this show and I have already made two entries for one of the challenges. You can see them here and here.

The Challenge I have made this little quiltlet for is this one:
Cotton-On Quilters are celebrating their 20th birthday in 2008. Make a quilt using the number 'Twenty' (20) in some way - for instance it may have 20 blocks or twenty pieces. The quilt may be any size up to a 40" square (2 x 20 :-)).

I still have to bind it and I'm still thinking I may do some more hand quilting or other embellishment, maybe some beads.
Can you see the five different ways I've incorporated 20? I'll accept a guess of four if the fifth is too hard...


Anonymous said...

A challange ! I love goes: 20 flowers, 20 squares in the centre (9-patch), XX is Roman numeral for 20. And is it 20 fabrics?

Janice said...

ooh, a guess! Cool! and close. The first 3 parts of your answer are right. And the Roman numerals were one of the ways I wondered if you'd get. The other 2 ways are the middle border of 20 squares each of 2 different fabrics although one of the fabrics varies so greatly you may not realise its all the same one in such small samples.