Monday, 4 February 2008

Delphinium III and Delphinium II

I have at least five (unfinished) quilts which I could be working on but this is the one I have chosen as most likely to be completed by the deadline of the first Saturday in March. That's when we need to hand in our submissions for the Cotton-On Quilter's Quilt Show 2008. (The unfinished quilts list includes Delphinium I and Delphinium II.)

Delphinium III was started at Symposium in January 2007, in a crazy log-cabin class tutored by Sue Weston. I'm afraid I didn't follow her class very closely, but she very generously allowed me to 'do it my way'. And I had fun - producing five of the delphinium florets in the day long class. Last week I took them out and in a couple of days I made two more florets and pieced them all together with background pieces. During the trip to the USA last winter I had concentrated on buying 'delphinium' coloured fabric - blues, purples, turquoises, greens... and I had a lot of funky dots and stripes to choose from for the borders. And don't tell anyone because it will spoil my reputation but I actually HAND appliqu├ęd the stems in this quilt.

Now, I have nearly four weeks left to layer and quilt this - can I do it? and can I maybe do it in time to have a go at finishing Delphinium II as well for the Show? This one was started in a two day Jane Sassaman class where she taught us to abstract a very stylised version of a flower or seed head or leaf to use as the basic building block for a quilt. She also taught her technique of using heavy iron on interfacing and satin stitch around the edge of each motif.

The delphinium florets are nearly three quarters completed. And for this photo they have just been laid out on a piece of fabric that I may or may not decide to use for the background.


gwensmom said...

Ooooooh the log cabin delphiniums are gorgeous! I could look at that quilt all day. The colors are beautiful.

I love how those quilts are so different but both represent the same flower.

emmad said...

I actually like delp II the best :)