Saturday, 28 April 2007

What a Day!

I haven't got time for many words, but I wanted you to see the pictures. Three good friends arrived this morning and boy, did they work hard! The "Before" pictures shows the sewing room as it was when they arrived. Admittedly, it is messier than usual because of all the new storage I had just dumped in there, ready for the working bee (bookcase, boxes, small sets of drawers, etc.).
Then there is " During", "Lunch" and "After". After is not Finished, because there is a lot of tidying away still left to do, but all the hard work, cleaning and shifting furniture is done and a lot of stuff has been sorted into the garage for Terry to deal with. Terry made the table for the SwiftQuilter and put up a new shelf over the sewing table. I'll sort the rest over the next few days and then show you a picture of it all done.
An Excellent Day - thanks Helen, Frances & Donna!

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Helen said...

The lunch was really yummy! I really was coveting the Juki (my Elna is very sick and has to go the machine doctor in Auckland - and it is out of it's warranty period - looks like it might be expensive to fix) and I'm so impressed with the work you did after we left! we had FUN!