Saturday, 21 April 2007

Practice Quilt

Well, the SwiftQuilter arrived on Wednesday but although it was dispatched at the same time, the Juki didn't arrive until Friday - panic for a while there however it t'was never lost, just travelled by a different route and by different couriers. I decided that all the quilts I have stacked up waiting for quilting are too good to practice on so I've spent the last day making a quick top to be the first quilt quilted on the SwiftQuilter. What do you think of it? All from stash. I used the Juki to make it and its fabulous - I love the thread cutter and the presser foot knee lift and the intelligent needle up/down button. And it goes very fast and never falters, the thread doesn't unthread and the bobbin holds heaps of thread and winds very evenly - I love it!!

I have a bench top arriving today which will be clamped temporarily to a desk so that I can set the SwiftQuilter up and have a play - haven't been able to do that yet.... but I'm really looking forward to it. Some of the furniture that was in the sewing room and that will not be used in the new layout has already gone to a good home so I have room for the quilter table now. I think I'll tack a temporary edge strip to the quilt along one of the long sides so that I can quilt right to the edge, get it set up and have a go!! Wahoo! Thanks to Jill's tuition on Thursday, when Helen and I visited her in Waikanae, I am reasonably confident of a satisfactory outcome.

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Helen said...

That is a pretty cool practice piece. Much better than calico and it won't matter if you are a bit wonky (grin) 'cos it has lots of pattern.