Thursday, 12 April 2007

A Mystery

Helen is organising a mystery bus trip for our quilt club and needed to take the trip to suss out the shops, decide which ones were worth stopping at, ask them if they could cater coffee or pit stops for 30 women, check the timing and all those necessary things. I volunteered to be the driver. I had no idea where we were going but my instructions were to meet her at 7.30 am for a full day out. Boy was it full!! We had a ball! We stopped at many more quilt shops than will be on the final tour, we fitted in a few extra curricular stops as well (I had taken delphinium seed to post and found that I could actually deliver some of my goods in person), we drove some challenging roads, and spent lots of money! And we arrived home at 9.00 pm, after stopping at a restaurant for dinner and to see if they would accept a booking for 30 in October. They did. Finding lunch for my funny diet took a few tries but we finally found an excellent smoked salmon salad in a small country village. We also needed to stop for coffee half way home as the driver (a natural lark, rather then an owl) was worried about falling asleep. The coffee worked very well, I didn’t sleep until midnight.

As you can see, I was concentrating on buying “spots” that day. I’m planning a quilt with a spotted border and needed a range to choose from.

I also bought buttons to replace the buttons on a lovely soft gray woollen cardigan. It had brown buttons all down the front and back and although it was probably very classic and stylish I wanted more fun. I bought three packs of mixed size coloured pearl buttons. I saw them in three different shops and the prices ranged from $9.90 per packet down to $5.95 depending on the shop – I bought them the second time I saw them for $6.50 per packet. I’ve sewn smaller buttons on the back of the four buttons that take the most strain, the first three on the front and the top one at the back.


Helen said...

Sorry the coffee worked so well. Hope you got enough sleep get you through the next day. Thanks for a fab day out. I'm poorer, but happy!

Ali Honey said...

It was great to see your winning quilt in the latest copy of NZ Quilter Mag. It is beatuiful - Congratulations !