Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A Paper Quilt - it just grew!

A few weeks ago, during the school holidays, we had Aimee and Jessica to stay for a few days while their parents took a break from parenting. One of the things the girls love is to have free rein of the craft area. They have a table, a good stock of art supplies and Nana within cooee in her office. One morning they painted beautiful pictures. The next day they decided that the craft area was their office and they needed a door for it. The craft area is in an open mezzanine but I have a curtain wire I sometimes put across when it is in use as a guest bedroom and Aimee decided they could hang a door from that. So, while Jessica continued to paint pictures, Aimee started taping them together to make a door. When Aimee cut holes in paper sheets to make windows, Jessica painted the cutouts with wavy lines which she said were writing.

Essentially, it is a paper quilt - it took the girls two mornings to construct as they had to wait for some of the paintings to dry before they could finish it off.

Here are some of the blocks and both sides of the finished quilt.


Cathy said...

I love it! How creative of them!
Not only that, but I bet they kept themselves very busy working on that project!
I like the curtain wire idea too. I wonder if I could use something like that as a design wall since I have a small sewing space. Thanks for the inspiration!

Janice said...

Hi Cathy

I found your blog, what a great mix of entries - love the shrinky dink name tags, what a great idea! One of the other projects we did while the girls were here was to make beads and pendants out of modelling clay that we baked in the oven. Didn't think to take photos though!

Helen said...

Your grandies are very inventive. I bet they were absorbed by their task. I want an office do like theirs too. There are some great ideas for quilts in their designs :-)