Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Jessica's Cat Quilt

Two posts in one day after a loooooooooong drought! (see here for the other one). I know, I'll explain. While Terry was away on a business trip for four weeks, he took my camera. I don't like to post without pictures so I didn't post much, just one I think with a photo taken on my phone. Then as soon as he got back we had our grand-daughters to stay and after that I had minor surgery (all is well, it just took a while to recover from the anesthetic). So I haven't been quilting much and I haven't been thinking too well either! But now I am back doing both.

When my grand-children or my niece's children turn five, they get an "I'm Five!" quilt from me. Jessica is about to turn five and she has asked for cats. Unfortunately, because of all the interruptions to scheduled life we have had this year its not the fanciest I'm Five! quilt I've made but I hope the lovely fabric will make up for it. Here is the unquilted top. I'm going back out to the sewing room now to make a backing out of all the fabric I bought and didn't use in the top!


TerryD said...

I knew it, I just knew it. I just knew it would be my fault that Janice hadn't bothered to blog for almost 2 months. Such is a husband's lot. What really got her started back wasn't the camera (she could have used mine while I was away)or the coming out of the anesthetic, it was the fact that I've been blogging every day for over 2 weeks - after a break of....a very long time



Cathy said...

Who says that this isn't a fancy quilt? I like the way you put all of the fabrics together. It certainly isn't boring or repetitive. I love all of the different cats that you have been able to work into this top. My daughter would spend hours looking & discussing each cat, but she is not quite 4 so thankfully I don't have to make an "I'm Five!" quilt for her quite yet!

No need to worry/blame anybody for not blogging. I am just glad you started again, so I could find you and your wonderful ideas!

SandyQuilts said...

Adorable adorable quilt. I love the big blocks of the animals ... purrfect.

Janice said...

Thanks Cathy and Sandy - I'm glad you like the quilt. Its great to have enthusiastic feedback!

I didn't want to cut the fabric up too small and anyway, it didn't have time to make labour intensive blocks. And Jessica will love all the cats. :-)

Helen said...

Hi Janice

I'm sorry I am a bit out of touch with you. I didn't know you were in line for minor surgery. Glad you are all better now. Love the quilt. can I turn five (again) so I get an "I'm Five!" quilt from you ?? :-)