Sunday, 25 October 2009

The back of the cat quilt

Here is the finished back of Jessie's cat quilt. It is made of fabric I bought for this quilt and didn't use for the front as it didn't fit with the other fabric so well - and some of it isn't cats, its dogs or monkeys but I thought it was cats when i bought it! Those are 17" squares with 3/4" sashing. The green outer border will mostly be trimmed off but as I am going to quilt it on the swiftquilter I need a generous edge. Looks like I might get it finished in time for her birthday on 8th November! Yayy!


nadeeka said...

You are blogging again!
The quilt looks fab - she'll love it :-)

Helen said...

Looks good enough to be the front. So, how did you come to buy fabric that you thought was cats but wasn't??? Dogs and monkeys? Perhaps the fair trading act needs to be invoked here :-)

Janice said...

perhaps i need to change my glasses - i think it was all in a pile at a shop and I thought it was all cats - maybe the shop lady thought it was all cats too... have a close look at the dark purple one with orange animals and the black background one two rows beneath it.