Monday, 24 August 2009

Sarah is making progress

I don't have my regular camera at the moment so this was taken on my cell phone, however, it shows the great way the jacob's ladder blocks dominate the quilt. Can you see the colour scheme is brown & cream with touches of blue, green and turquoise. And the quilt has grown a little bigger than the 60x60" one I designed. It will be 84x96" when finished. The white lines across are where the flannelette sheet on the wall shows through. Sarah still has to buy the fabric for those strips and they will be a mix of light and dark batiks. She has raided my stash and completely depleted it of brown and cream for the 5" squares and the larger pieced blocks. I felt that was fair exchange for her company and that of Aimee and Jessica for a long weekend. Aimee and Jessica also sewed jacob's ladder blocks on the sewing machine this weekend, Aimee made hers into a bag and Jessica left hers here for me to make into a bag for her.


Helen said...

It looks a whole lot bigger than the design :-) Lovely. I guess you will have to go shopping for new brown and cream??

Janice said...

sarah will. she is going to finish the top at home and bring it back in a couple of weeks for quilting on the swiftquilter - it'll be the first time i've done such a laaaaaaaaaaaarge quilt on it!