Thursday, 10 January 2008

Blue Cushion

In my last post I told you about scanning my dad's slides. I wanted to get them done now because I am going to visit my parents next week. When I do it will be with Sarah and Aimee and Jessica and we will all be flying up to Auckland to stay with my sister before visiting Mum and Dad for the day.

I have made this cushion as a thank you gift for my sister and I chose the photo from the ones I scanned as it is the right colours for her dining room. It is a bit overstuffed as I have used a cushion insert from one of my cushions in order to take the photos. I'll buy a more appropriately sized insert tomorrow. You can see I have used the ripped edge, layered method that I used for framing the artwork on Chris' t-shirt.


jennifer.gaskin said...

That looks so book! The picture looks great and what a wonderful "hare-loom". I also love the style of the cushion - with those buttons etc. Is there no end to your talents? Perhaps you could learn how to make boxing!!

EGE said...

Hey! I want one! Actually, I don't so much want one as I want to make one for everybody I know. Too bad I'm not as talented as you. When I try to sew, instead of gasping "You MADE that?" people tend to say things like "You made that, didn't you?"

Janice said...

its just practice and by the time you get to be a nana you have had plenty of time to practice - or by the time you had made one for everybody you know you would have had a lot anyway!