Saturday, 5 May 2007

Tote & Gloat

Some of the quilts (and sights) that interested me at the Tote & Gloat ( an annual, day-long, all-comers Show and Tell run by Rose City Quilters in Palmerston North):

Photo 1: I liked the colours and the ‘wonkiness’ of this Turquoise and Pink Ninepatch quilt.

The second photo shows a quilt that has three techniques worth recording here: the piece has been quilted in sections, some of them with a twin needle. The sections have then sewn together and the piece has been wrapped around a mounted picture canvas for hanging.

Photo three is such a simple piece but beautifully balanced in colour and form, the strong diagonals actually dominating the circles, making the circles seem to float in the foreground. I love it.

I love the intense redness of this quilt in Photo 4, I’m showing this to remind me to use an over-abundance of one colour sometime.

Photo 5 – I love the mix of stripes and circles, the combination of colours in this quilt and the way the corners seem to be rounded by using darker background pieces in that position. You can also see some of the smaller articles shown, displayed on the tables and rod ends.

I like the contrasting graduations in the quilt shown in Photo 6 – the smaller strips have the colour graduation from light to dark to light and the wider stripes are reversed.

Photo 7: a 'quilt as you go' quilt with the strips covering the joining seams on the right side of the quilt. This quilt is beautifully and heavily machine quilted and both sides of the quilt are worthy of display - unfortunately it was hung so that we couldn't see (or easily photograph) the other side.

Photo 8 shows the lunch queue – I’m glad I brought my own lunch. I had finished my lunch AND taken all the photos of the quilts by the time I took this photo of the lunch queue!


Helen said...

I can see the optical illusion in the french braid quilt really well in this photo. The sashings seem to bend inwards and the braid pop out. I also loved the 2 red quilts. The plain red heavily machine quilted one was done by Judith Briant. I don't remember who made the other ones.

Janice said...

see, that just shows what an inward looking person I am. I've blogged my reaction to these quilts, but never thought to record the names of the makers.... how dreadful! Its a failing I know I possess and I am working on it - a long way to go obviously!

Ali Honey said...

Thanks for sharing. I love #4 and #6. Glad you had a good day.
I wonder if their lunch was worth all that wait?

emmad said...

I like the one in photo 6 with the gradiante :)