Thursday, 3 May 2007

I have a Mission

to "rescue" handmade quilts found in the wild. I found this one today at the local second hand clothing warehouse - known as The Mill. Its very large and all hand quilted. It has a brushed cotton backing and I don't know what type of batting. Its lost one pooh bear motif and is badly in need of a wash but is otherwise in excellent condition. I don't think its ever been washed, maybe the red fabric and the size of it made it a job just too hard to tackle. However, I will wash it with a couple of dye catchers, on the wool wash cycle of my large washing machine and then I'll use it on the bed in my sleepout.


Helen said...

That is a great find. i wonder if it is local? Does it have a label??

Elaine Adair said...

I HATE to see really neat quilts abandoned at some 'who cares' shop. Thank you for rescuing some lady's creation!