Saturday, 5 May 2007

Good Call!

Thank goodness for dye catchers! Look at that red dye - it would have all settled onto the white squares if I hadn't used 2 catchers in the wash.... The quilt is now washed and hanging on the line, reluctantly drying in my breezeless, cold courtyard. I'll bring it inside to complete the drying in the warm when its dry enough to handle comfortably.

No, Helen, there was no label or any other identification on the quilt, no date or name at all. (That's a lesson we should all learn! )And yes, Elaine, I feel the same, that's why I have to buy them when I see them and give them a respectful home. This one will be very useful on the double bed in the sewing room. Its nice to have quilts for all the beds and
I have never made one this large myself.

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Helen said...

Wow, that is a lot of colour in those dye-catchers. They worked!