Tuesday, 29 May 2007


The little girls arrived on Thursday evening with their mum and dad. Mum and Dad left on Friday morning and Grumps and Nana had sole charge through until Monday afternoon! I didn't sleep too well as I was 'on duty' but we had lots of fun during the days. The girls were very lovely company. You can see in the photo we spent some time making table mats (hanging up to dry above the dining table) for the morning tea birthday party we put on for Grumps on Tuesday just before they left for home. We also made him a birthday cake with lots of candles and white icing with blue piped icing on top and hundreds and thousands as well. We had mini gingernuts sandwiched with jam, cheezels, apple slices, dried apricots and rice crackers.

Friday afternoon was Fries on Friday with Jennifer, on Saturday morning we took the rubbish to the recycling centre, visited the $2.00 shop, met Jennifer at Indigo for morning tea and floated leaves down the waterfall in Majestic Square. Saturday evening, after dinner we had a wonderful adventure! We took a torch and visited Virginia Lake in the dark to see all the trees with the coloured lights illuminating them - and the wall with star lights twinkling. On Sunday morning we shopped at The Mill and Mitre 10 Mega and travelled home the alternative route so we could see the pigs in the paddock because on the way into town we had seen cows, sheep, horses, ducks and goats but no pigs. On Monday morning I stayed home to do the delphinium seed orders while Grumps took the girls to the beach at Mowhanau and to the octopus playground (Kowhai Park).

One afternoon, after baths and before nighties, the girls were clowning for the camera in their striped polyprops. Teddy had to have his photo taken too!


Chris and Sarah said...

love the photo!!

Helen said...

Phew, you'll be needing a few "nana-naps"!