Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Yayy! I've been sewing!

I got up early this morning and worked on the website until 10.00 am then said, blow it, I need to sew. I spent the rest of the morning CLEANING UP the sewing room and I even vacuumed (I mentioned that bit for you Frances). Now, when I do get a few minutes to sew it will be a much more inviting prospect. I do love to get out to that room, turn on the National Programme for something interesting to listen to and sew.

I spent a few more hours on the computer this afternoon designing the challenges for our next club Quilt Show. (I
can't show them to you yet, they haven't been discussed by the committee). And then I got some time on the machine. I decided to ease myself back into it slowly and do something not too complex. I had my orphan block quilt still up on the wall so I put some of that together, working from the centre out. You can see the progress in this photo compared to the one in my previous post.

And if you are wondering what the quilt to the side on the wall is, here is a photo of that - another ufo, a snippet quilt. I started this as a trial of the snippet technique. It won't take much to finish now. I really just need a reason to finish it. Mmm, who needs a gift...? what challenge would it suit...? where can I hang it in my house....?

When we were at symposium a month ago, Helen found an excellent bargain. One of the merchants had packets of offcuts from her die cut motifs for $2.00 a pack. Each pack was a bit larger than a can of beans, packed tight with fabric. The motifs had been cut from plain coloured fabric with vliesofix adhered to the back. So the offcuts already had vliesofix - perfect to cut up for a snippets quilt!


Helen said...

Wow! Vacuuming - you are making me feel guilty about NOT cleaning up my own sewing area. The snippets quilt looks great in the photo. I am going to sew on Saturday, I am going to sew on Saturday, I am going to sew on Saturday, I am ...

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Your snippet quilt is delightful. I especially like the tree. But then again, I like the whole piece and will be reading your blog to keep up with how it gets finished.

The other quilt is a real challenge ... so much going on.