Tuesday, 27 February 2007

The Orphan Block Quilt

So, how's it looking now? The top is finished and hanging in our lounge while I consider whether to put a final border on it or not. The outside blue border in the picture has been added to the photograph but I think that must definitely be the colour of the binding. My question is whether there needs to be a border that colour as well and if so how wide. Its already a lot bigger than I had intended but these things take over and tell you what to do next. I'm quite pleased with it.

I'm also very pleased with my new hanger for 'works in progress' in the lounge. My sewing room is an outside room so I can't just leave WIP on the design wall for consideration in the evening or when walking past as some of you can. I have to bring them inside and hang them in my lounge, at the foot of the stairs. Up until today I had a length of small diameter dowel and clothes pegs but today I bought a piece of black cafe curtain rod, a couple of finial ends and some cafe curtain clasps. These are gold rings which hang on the rod and they have sort of alligator clip on the end. I've pinned folded fabric tabs to the top of the quilt and clipped the rings to those. So easy!

Do you see the cunning trick I used at the corners of the last border? My plans went astray when I added the striped turquoise border because then the edges were 47" not 45" so the 5" squares didn't fit so well. And anyway, because the 5" squares were from a lot of different sources they were all quite different sizes - amazing how different 5" can be from one person to another... and I didn't want to stand and recut them all one by one. By using the half square triangles in the corners and a long piece of matching fabric at each end of the sides I was able to adjust the length to match the 47" after I had sewn all the squares together and disguise the not quite 5" square size of the blocks at each end of each side.


Helen said...

Yes, I like the mid-blue around the outside. Will we see it on Saturday?

Shelina said...

I think this quilt is great, and doesn't need another border. I like the blue binding idea.