Wednesday, 21 February 2007

A Present from Aimee

Yesterday I had an email conversation with my daughter, Sarah. She told me that our grand-daughter Aimee, (4), had made me, Nana, a present and that Jess (2) had made the wrapping paper. And that, after posting it, Aimee was concerned that it would get lost or delivered to the wrong person so could I please ring her when it arrived. Aimee had also decided after packing it up and posting it that it could be for Grumps too. But that didn't matter because Nana was a good sharer, so would I please share it with Grumps. I said of course to both requests. Well, its arrived this morning - a beautiful pink and orange heart shaped brooch!! Here I am wearing it and Grumps just can't wait for his turn. The paper that Jess decorated is very beautiful too.

When I was having this email conversation with Sarah yesterday I suggested that Aimee must have known it was our 37th Wedding Anniversary. Of course she didn't and as it didn't have a zero we didn't really celebrate it greatly. I cooked a scotch fillet steak each, we had carrot, celery, tomato and avocado salad with it and for afters, we really indulged and had TWO mini muffins (almond flour and white chocolate chips) each that a friend had made me a few weeks ago. I had frozen them at the time to keep them for special treats so we felt that was a suitable occasion. Then we had a game of two handed Knights and Cities and I won! And don't believe him when he says he let me win, he didn't. We have developed our own rules for playing two-handed Knights and Cities and it makes a pretty even game and its difficult for one player to get too far ahead of the other.

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Helen said...

He WOULD say that, wouldn't he!!