Friday, 25 March 2011

Nursery Quilt Part 1

Part 1 - Centre blocks: Cat, Flower and Checkerboard
Cat - finished size 8" x 10"
Cut background fabric 8½" x 10½". Cut one cat from the pattern (download link below). Cut one circle from the pattern (this circle pattern will also be used to cut the centre of the flower). Use the picture below as a placement guide.

Flower - finished size 6" sq
Cut background fabric 6½" x 6½"
Cut four hearts from the pattern download link below. Cut one flower centre from the circle on the pattern.
Use the picture on the downloaded pattern as a placement guide.

Checkerboard - finished size 4" x 6"
Cut three2½" x 2½" squares in one colour and three in another. Sew together in checkerboard pattern.

Pattern and instruction files can be downloaded from here

Please let me know if you are making this along with me. Warning to those in the USA - applique patterns must be printed out on A4 size paper otherwise they will not be quite right. And set Adobe Reader to print to A4 and not scale the pattern as it prints. I know we can get Letter size paper here, I'm hoping you can get A4 size paper there!

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