Friday, 25 March 2011

Monthly Nursery Quilt Project

I know, its been a long time but I'm not making apologies or excuses. I'm just going to post you a free pattern.

I am the newsletter editor for our quilt club and part of what I do is a monthly pattern that eventually makes a quilt. I thought you might be interested in playing along at home. I might even make it too!

Here is the EQ7 pic of the whole quilt:
I will be publishing the blocks to complete this nursery quilt in eight or nine parts over the next few months.
I have designed the quilt in EQ7 using two teddy bear blocks (with permission) from Denise Russart’s quilting site: Just Quiltin! This project will be available for download from her site as an EQ7 file and she has other projects available to download for EQ6 or EQ7 also.
The other blocks used in the quilt are all available in EQ7.

Part 1 - Centre blocks: Cat, Flower and Checkerboard
Part 2 - Spring in Baxter’s Garden
Part 3 - Pinwheels
Part 4 - Flower in the Grass
Part 5 - Large Setting Blocks
Part 6 - Baxter at the Beach
Part 7 - Sailing Boat
Part 8 - Strip Blocks
Part 9 - putting it all together - but I will only publish this if I get requests to do so.

The applique patterns used in this quilt are shown with a dotted line seam allowance. Cut on this if you plan to do needle turn applique. If you are going to use raw edge fused applique cut on the solid line.

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