Saturday, 30 August 2008

Freshening up the bedroom

Over the last week, Terry and I sanded down and painted three sets of drawers and a chair for our bedroom. Our room is very large but because of the shape of the roof and the rafters, there is not much of a wardrobe and most of our clothes are in drawers. Because we've never bought a bedroom suite, the chests were a motley collection: inherited, gifted and bought second hand or new all at different times. Only two match.
The most recent items we've bought are a white dresser with a blanket box on top of two drawers and two white chairs. We liked the lightness the white pieces brought to our room so we decided to refinish some of the older and more tired looking chests with white paint and new handles. We also painted an old chair white, the sole survivor of a dining set our family used up as they grew.

The two taller matching chests of drawers we acquired from my parents about 20-25 years ago when they were redoing their room. I remember helping my dad when he made them about 50 years ago from kitsets so its lovely to have given them a new lease of life.


Anonymous said...

What a pretty bright space! I think the white furniture looks great in your room!

Helen said...

I like the new dresser. Very unusual to have a blanket box on top of drawers.

PS How many irons do you own?

Janice said...

Thanks Lisa - I love the lightness the white brings to the room.

Helen: I only have two irons that work, one in the bedroom and one in the sewing room. You?

(When we get the new laundry built there will be room to do the ironing down there so we won't have that little ironing centre set up in the bedroom after that.)